January 2014

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Going Green is no longer a buzz-phrase for urban hipsters. Global Warming and the environment are leading social and political issues and we know that we absolutely have to reduce carbon emissions and change the course of the future of this planet.  Everything we do, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, to the car we drive, to the way we decorate and renovate our homes, should be chosen with consciousness.

However, there are two things that can and do get in the way; Lack of awareness and affordability. We’re going to try to help in both of those areas by offering education and options that run the gamut from one end of the cost spectrum to the other.

This month, we’re going to explore different green solutions for home renovating, home

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Staging is no longer thought of as an add-on, optional service. A realtor worth his/her salt will advise you that staging is vital to presenting your home at its absolute best and selling for top dollar. It isn’t just about cleaning and decluttering. It isn’t just about freshening up the paint and fluffing up some cushions.

Staging is about choosing the right details to create a mood in your home that will help buyers envision themselves living there. It’s about taking “yummy” and turning it into “ambrosia”. Staging is the frosting on the cake.

You can hire a professional home-stager (your realtor may have some to recommend or employ the services of one in particular). Or with a few tips and tricks, you can stage your home yourself. Imagine your

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