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Everyone should have a basic arsenal of things they can do for themselves. Things like making a great pasta sauce from scratch, sewing a button, changing a flat tire, topping up car fluids, doing your taxes… And lots more basic skills you can learn and add to your repertoire. There are also a number of things you can learn to do around your house that will save you money and score you some looks of awe from family and friends.

  • Where is the main electrical switch in your home and the main water shut off? Find them, label them, and let the family know where to find them. In case of an emergency or a repair, you’re set.
  • Unclogging toilets . DON’T. PANIC. DON’T FLUSH. Get a plunger. Make sure it’s a toilet plunger. Is there enough water in the
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Summer is here! Ok, just around the corner…  With the long weekend coming up, you may be feeling a bit behind if you haven’t done your backyard prep quite yet.

Whether you enjoy dining outdoors after work, entertaining guests or relaxing by the pool there are a few things that you should consider doing to beautify your backyard oasis and make it THE place to be all summer long.

  1. Clean up – Consider power washing your deck or patio to really freshen it up. If you don’t own a power washer it can be rented from your local gardening or hardware store.  Give your patio furniture a good cleaning and wash all the seat cushions and the gazebo cover. Cut the grass, pull out the weeds, trim the hedges and freshen up the mulch.
  2. Patio furniture – Do
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It’s BBQ season! (Or if you’re like some people, so is mid-February…) But for most of us, we can’t wait for the weather to change from winter to spring so we can get that backyard ready to entertain! And with that, most of us like to fire up the grill! There’s nothing worse than having a crowd over or perhaps it’s just you and your family and the grill conks out or worse, catches fire. With a few precautionary steps, you can ensure a summer season of grilling to your heart’s content…safely.

Your bbq has been sitting all winter long. Hopefully you gave it a good clean last fall and covered it to weather the cold months. Nonetheless, there are a few things you need to do at the start of the grilling months. (This info is mostly for people grilling

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So you’ve started looking for a home. You’ve called a Realtor you really like, have heard great things about, perhaps has helped family and friends or has a great local reputation. Whatever has lead you to choose this particular Realtor, here you are and as you begin your home search in earnest, your real estate professional has now asked you to consider signing a Buyer Rep Agreement or B.R.A.

What’s a B.R.A and should you sign one?

Simply put, a B.R.A is a document which guarantees that a particular brokerage will be representing you as a buyer during your home search journey and here’s why this should matter to you.

  • Your Realtor is bound by specific duties and responsibilities to you. This includes: full disclosure of KNOWN property
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