October 2014

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 Who wouldn’t give their eye-tooth for an extra hour of sleep? Especially in the cold, winter mornings that lie ahead when all you want to do is hit the snooze button and throw the covers over your head. Well this weekend marks the end of Daylight Savings time, when we “fall back” one hour and salvage that one extra hour each day. An extra hour to snooze, you say? You got it!

But that doesn’t mean waking up in the morning will be any easier. Time change can affect our sleep habits and have some impact on our health in general. Our circadian rhythms (internal time clock) are regulated by daylight hours and mostly the ones we get in the first part of the day.                                                                                         …
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English: Civic Centre of Georgina, Ontario, Canada



They go by many names: basement apartments, nanny suites, accessory apartments, but they’re all considered the same under the law. If you’re thinking of purchasing a home with an existing accessory apartment or perhaps you’re thinking of renovating and 
                                                                                                                                Civic Centre, Georgina, Ontario, Canada                                                                                                                       (Photo credit: Wikipedia)                                putting one in your home, you need to familiarize yourself with the municipal requirements, which can differ from region to region.…
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