December 2014

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We’re often reminded, when travelling abroad and when reflecting on world events, just how lucky we are to live in what we know is the greatest country on earth and certainly how lucky we are to live in our little town by the lake. We truly have so much to be thankful for; our homes, our gainful employment, our health and our family and friends.  We try to always remember that not everyone in the world has the same opportunities and “by the grace of God go we”…

So for the 5th year now, my wife Colleen and I continue to be involved in supporting and operating the Kenyan Orphanage “Baba Nyumbani”, with the incredible Horizon Initiative organization.  This year we are also excited to announce that we have broken ground on the building of our second

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There are those people, who finished their Christmas shopping in the first week of December.  Most of us aren’t those people. So here we are, two weeks before the big day. Have you started your shopping? Perhaps you’ve done a bit of this and that, but there’s still lots to do and you’re starting to feel the pressure building. Here are a few ideas that will help you get super organized and get that Xmas shopping done faster than you can say, um, “Ho, Ho, Ho”. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

English: Christmas Shopping Festival Place.

English: Christmas Shopping Festival Place. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


v  Make a list, check it twice. Do NOT go to the mall without a list! You’ll save time and money.

v  Eat a healthy, big meal before you go, wear comfortable shoes, a backpack or

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How your home looks while you’re living in it and how your home looks while you’re trying to sell it, are two different things entirely. While most of us accept a certain amount of clutter in our homes, the homes of our neighbours and friends, the picture is very different when we’re viewing a home we’re considering buying.

A real estate agent will make suggestions on decluttering  and maybe even staging a home to prepare for sale. Keeping that up through the time it takes to sell your home can prove to be exhausting, at best. Between all the meals you need to prepare each day, making sure the beds are made before you leave the house, taking out garbage and recycling, keeping laundry out of sight, keeping up with the dusting and vacuuming and

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