April 2015

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It’s BBQ season! (Ignore the current dip in temperature. Some people bbq in February, right?)

Most of us, can’t wait for the weather to change from winter to spring so we can get that backyard ready to entertain! And with that, most of us like to fire up the grill! There’s nothing worse than having a crowd over or perhaps it’s just you and your family and the grill conks out or worse, catches fire. With a few precautionary steps, you can ensure a summer season of grilling to your heart’s content…safely.

Your bbq has been sitting all winter long. Hopefully you gave it a good cleaning last fall and covered it to weather the cold months. Nonetheless, there are a few things you need to do at the start of the grilling months. (This info is mostly

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In Support of The Georgina Community Food Pantry’s 2nd Annual ‘Run for the Pantry’

Pause a moment and think about this… There are children going to school with your children that haven’t had anything to eat today. Let that sink in for a moment.

You probably fed your children a healthy breakfast and packed them a full lunch pail with a sandwich, some fresh fruit, and a treat perhaps. How many times have you nibbled since this morning? There are people right now, in your neighbourhood, that are choosing between paying a bill, paying rent, even paying a mortgage and not buying groceries; Right now.

Who are these people? They are single parent households, employed 2 parent households who can’t make ends meet, people on social assistance and

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