April 2016

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Mouse_Leaving_webAt this time of year, field mice and other rodents are coming out of hibernation. They  are hungry and looking for a nice spot to build a nest to have their babies (Ahhh!!!!). Here’s the thing about mice, they can enter through just about any gap or hole, nook and cranny, as small as the size of a quarter. They can also enter from the garage door or make their way into the attic.

If you suspect that one of these critters has moved in, the first thing you need to do is stay calm. STAY CALM! It happens, ok? Having a mouse or two doesn’t mean you have an infestation. BUT, mice are breeders and with a 21 day gestation period, you’ve got to move fast to rid yourself of the problem. Fast but calm.  Also, mice can carry disease in their urine and droppings,

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It’s Spring! (Hard to tell really, but it is!)

While this winter was milder than most, it seems to be taking its time making an exit!  But soon it will and the weather will slowly be starting to feel warmer and we can finally come out of our hibernation and into the light of the sun.  Along with you, your family, your pets, neighbours and friends, your garden has also been lying in wait for those first warm days of spring.

While we’re not quite in full thaw yet and the days are still a bit “crisp”, there are many things we can do to celebrate the arrival of spring, tidy up our gardens and get them ready for the first sprouts of green. So stir your stumps (gardening pun intended!) and get out into the garden!image(3)

Here’s a great list to get you

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The Spring real estate season is about to begin! So you’ve started looking for a home. You’ve called a Realtor you really like, have heard great things about, perhaps has helped family and friends or has a great local reputation. Whatever has lead you to choose this particular Realtor, here you are and as you begin your home search in earnest, your real estate professional has now asked you to consider signing a Buyer Rep Agreement or B.R.A.


What’s a B.R.A and should you sign one?

Simply put, a B.R.A is a document which guarantees that a particular brokerage will be representing you as a buyer during your home search journey and here’s why this should matter to you:

  • Your Realtor is bound by specific duties and responsibilities
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