September 2016

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A lot of businesses change over the course of their existence, which is absolutely normal. Businesses tend to rebrand to stay relevant in today’s society, to stand out from the crowd, and Team Peroff has definitely been one of those businesses over the years. However, one thing has always stayed consistent; giving back to the community.

And not just giving back to the local community, but giving globally as well. With their Horizon Initiatives and helping developing countries like Kenya, by providing living accommodations and education for orphaned children. Team Peroff have always been firm believers in lending helping hands whenever they can.

While being supporters of the Georgina Community Food Pantry for many, many years, it was only a few years

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A lot of the time people tend to see an increase in their energy bills during the winter months, a lot of this is due to a number of things which we will actually be going over, and hopefully get those energy bills a little bit lower than they have been in the past!

So, what are some of these money saving tips you might be asking? Listed below are a few of the surefire ways to keep a couple extra bucks in your pocket by the end of the year, so make sure to keep a copy of this handy for an upcoming weekend project.

  1. Seal your walls – The manta in green construction is “seal it tight, ventilate right.”, or so they say. Basically, the idea here is to get a handle on any areas within your home where air is penetrating through the walls causing drafts,
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So, the time has come where the leaves begin to change and the weather starts to take that slow decline into the lower temperatures. Does that mean you should end your outdoor adventures and stay inside? Absolutely not! Fall is widely considered one of the favourite seasons by many, and also considered one of the best times of the year for hikes and other outdoor activities!

Georgina and York Region have some of the best trails for people to hike, so lets go over the top 3 trails for you to venture off the beaten path this Fall.

  1. 99 steps in Newmarket is one of the most beautiful trails within York Region, driving down Mulock Dr., right passed Bathurst, it almost seems surreal the way you leave the city and enter the winding roads in a country
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Everyone should have a basic arsenal of things they can do for themselves. Even from the simplistic breakfast, to sewing a button. Changing a flat tire, to topping up car fluids. Or even just doing your taxes… There are tons and tons of basic skills you can add to your arsenal.

There are also a number of things you can learn to do around your house that will save you money, and turn some heads of family and friends. Here are some basics to secure your DIY Genius status…handyman-20443766[1]

  • Are the taps in your bathroom sinks spraying every which way? Maybe its time to replace the screens inside the spout of the tap. All you need to do to remove the spout is to just unscrew it, use pliers if need be. Once it's been removed, pop out the screens, and replace them with
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