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Every year, Team Peroff makes it an obligation to give back to the community they have so proudly called home since 1989. Whether it is sponsoring minor sports teams, donating to the Community Food Pantry, or sponsoring the Santa Claus Parade, Team Peroff wants to make life just a bit easier for everyone in the community.

For the past few years, Team Peroff has donated 6 Holiday Turkeys to the Georgina Care’s Live TV Auction in an attempt to make 6 families lives just that much easier during the holidays. The Georgina Cares Fund has been around for 20 years, and was first created to lend a helping hand to those in need within the community. The foundation, along with Shaw Cable (Rogers TV) created a live TV auction to help fund the charity for

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As far back as memory will serve, standing on the side lines of the Santa Claus Parade has always been a magical time for a child, and especially for the parents. To see the joy and amusement in the eyes of their children, nothing can replace that. It’s always a fun filled day, regardless of weather, its statement of Christmas being on the horizon is one that many people cherish and look forward to.

It means the best holiday is closing in, and fast!15037118_977377579034056_416444928086818774_n

This Saturday is Keswick’s very own Santa Claus Parade, featuring all sorts of floats, things to do on the side lines, and tons of fun for people of all ages. There will even be activities to do after the Parade itself. We at Team Peroff have always been proud to support and sponsor floats for the

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We talk about winterizing our home, our gardens, our patios, but we all know that surviving a Canadian winter requires a safe and reliable vehicle. Period. We need it to get to work, the kids to school and #WeTheNorth don’t just get through winter, we DO winter.

Between kids activities, grown up activities and enjoying winter sports, we need our vehicles to run well and keep us safe from A to B to C…

It’s fairly simple and doesn’t need to cost a lot, but with a few tips you can feel confident that your car is as safe as you can make it.

  • Wipers – When was the last time you changed them? Do you know that many auto pros recommend a new set every six months? Definitely getting new windshield wipers before winter is the time to do it.
  • Top up
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If you’re going through the home purchase process you’re going to have to take out a mortgage at some point. There are many types of mortgage options and different financial institutions have different terms for similar mortgages. How do you decide which mortgage is right for you?

which-mortgage[1]Choosing the right home for you and  your family is a very big decision. Will it meet all your needs? Can you grow into it? What kind of repairs and renos are you looking at in the short and long term? All those questions are very important. (graphic via Canada Mortgage News)

You need to ask similar questions when choosing your mortgage product. You can certainly shop around for yourself (armed with lots of questions to ask!) or consider using the services of a mortgage

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