December 2017

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Three Tips for Holiday Home Security

"Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go ..." Or maybe for your family, holidays signify a cruise to tropical destinations or a chance to hit the slopes at a ski resort.
silver home in Keswick, Ontario
Wherever you're heading this holiday season, keep your home safe in your absence with these three simple tips:

1. Keep the lights on.

Pick up a few inexpensive light timers. By programming different lamps or light fixtures to come on at different times, you can create the illusion that someone is home.

2. Lock it up.

Double-check all window and door locks to confirm they're still operational and effective.

3. Be neighbourly.

Tell your neighbours about your travel plans, making sure to leave contact information so

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How The Boomers' Record Inheritance Will Impact Real Estate

About 10 years ago, a study suggested that "baby boomers" were about to inherit a trillion dollars. Many boomers have already received their inheritance and it's one reason why the country's real estate boom has lasted so long.

But a new report by Benjamin Tal at CIBC Economics, based on a survey by Angus Reid Forum, says that during the next decade there is still about $750 billion to be transferred to Canadians aged 50 to 75 in the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in Canadian history.

Tal says that guessing how much money will be inherited is tricky.

"Most estimates are based on forward-looking questions, asking potential beneficiaries what they expect to receive," he says.

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